I might be a bit biased because I live on the North Shore, but lordy, there are SO many gorgeous wedding venues up here. And one of those is the stunning Moraine Farm. This historic property is set on 175 acres (helloooo photo opps!), and backs up against Wenham Lake. The gardens are breathtaking, and I just love the character of the old stone covered with moss throughout.

When I was prepping for this Moraine Farm wedding, I saw a touch of rain in the forecast, so I packed up the clear umbrellas. The forecast kept changing – rain, no rain, downpours…no one really had a clue what was going to happen. When Katie was putting on her dress, everything looked great – clear skies! – and then the ceremony started. Then in the middle of the ceremony the skies unloaded. Katie and Mike looked up, laughed and shared a special moment right before a clear umbrella arrived to give them cover. What a fun little adventure and a memory that Katie and Mike will have forever!

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