A few weeks ago, Brooke, Chris and I met up early on a Friday morning for their springtime Boston Public Garden engagement session. April was a cold one, and we weren’t sure if the flowers would be in bloom by the time the end of the month rolled around, so our fingers were crossed! Well, we definitely landed on Mother Nature’s side when we strolled around the park that morning. THOSE BLOOMS! It was sunny, and I don’t think it could have been better. Chris proposed to Brooke on the pathway next to the George Washington statue, and it was only fitting that we celebrated their engagement here. Their awesome black lab, Duke, came along for the ride – I love it when pups are in engagement photos! Perhaps the most memorable part of the engagement session was when Brooke and Chris were getting situated for a photo, and I offered to hold Duke’s leash. Well…Duke saw a few ducks and made a run for the water…and I couldn’t hang on so he was drenched. Oops! It certainly made for a great memory, and great photos. Duke, you are my spirit animal! Brooke and Chris, I can’t wait for your Hotel Marlowe wedding next September!

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Sarah Jayne Photography_0417 Sarah Jayne Photography_0419 Sarah Jayne Photography_0418Sarah Jayne Photography_0421 Sarah Jayne Photography_0424 Sarah Jayne Photography_0423 Sarah Jayne Photography_0422

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