I have some big news to share! I am over the moon because my husband and I are getting a pup!! I’ve always been a dog person, but with my crazy schedule it has been hard to find a time to bring home a puppy to properly train him or her. Well, this Thursday is the day, and I cannot wait to share more about our new pup, who will ultimately be my cuddly assistant throughout the day while I work from my home office editing your beautiful photos. Yay!

It goes without saying that dogs are on the brain, which is why I thought it would be fun to talk about how to incorporate your furry friend in your engagement photos, and even wedding photos! I’ve shot many, many sessions and weddings where dogs have been along for the ride. Below are a few things to keep in mind so you can make the most of your engagement session with your pup.

Wedding Photos with Dogs-61. Be Realistic about Your Pup – You know your dog best. If you think your dog is still too shy – or hyperactive – to endure a photo shoot outside of your home, acknowledge that fact. Sometimes dogs are fine with taking photos at home, or where they are comfortable, but the moment you throw them into a public space, with foreign strangers, objects and dogs, they can be overwhelmed and act out.

Wedding Photos with Dogs-3-22. Consider Allocating a Short Window of Time to Get Photos with Your Dog – If your dog is more comfortable at home, I always recommend that we start at your home, snag a few photos with your dog, and then we can go on our way to finish the rest of the engagement session elsewhere. By doing this, you’re not stressed out trying to manage your dog AND pose for photos. I want to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible!

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3. Bring a Dog Handler – If your dog is super laid back, and loves to be in front of the camera, then bring him or her along! It is also best to bring along a friend or family member. That way we can bring the dog in and out of photos as necessary. Denise and Dan brought their friend along for their engagement session, and this dog was soooo happy!

Wedding Photos with Dogs-44. Don’t Forget the Treats – Now, I absolutely love candid photos of dogs interacting with their owners, licking faces, jumping around, etc. But if you want a formal family photo with your dog, bring the treats! Treats will give me the control I need to get that money shot.

Wedding Photos with Dogs-35. Think About Props – I’ve seen some couples bring signs to put on their dogs to share their wedding date. You can also bring a blanket to cuddle up with your dog on the ground. I’ve also seen couples dress up their pup with a bow tie or another accessory! These props can be a fun way to add more life to your photos.Wedding Photos with Dogs-36. Feed and Exercise Them Beforehand – Before you leave your home, make sure your dog has been walked and fed. Your photo shoot isn’t the time to walk your dog. After his or her basic needs are met, he or she will be ready to rock! If they leave the house hungry or full of energy because they have been in the house all of day, getting that prized photo with your pup will be a bit harder.

Weddings with dogs

As you can see, dogs in engagement and wedding photos is a definite YES in my book! Bring on the furry friends! I can’t wait to meet them all!

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