One of the first remarks from Lauren as we arrived to shovel off snow from the pond at Harold Parker State Forest, “In Houston it was 80 degrees the other day!” Yes, these two relocated to Texas for Anthony’s job, and I can only imagine the pure shock of arriving in the Boston area to three feet of snow from Juno and single-digit temperatures! Nonetheless, given the short nature of their stay, we needed to bring to life the ice skating engagement session that we’ve been planning for months! First things first – we shoveled. We knew there was frozen pond under the snow, we just had to get to it! We were able to carve out the perfect little piece of pond for this shoot! We ended getting some great shots on the pond, as the sun was setting through the trees in the background. The winter lighting has been pretty phenomenal lately, and I had so much fun using the backlighting to create awesome visual interest.

After our time on the ice, we played in the snow. Because it was so cold, we went out and shot for 5-10 minutes, and then went in the car to warm up. IT WAS THAT COLD! At the end of the day, we walked away with beautiful images that Lauren and Anthony will be able to look at and fondly remember. I’m looking forward to their State Room wedding next January!

Harold Parker State Park Engagement Session


Lauren & Anthony-5

Lauren & Anthony-15

Lauren & Anthony-12

Lauren & Anthony-8

Lauren & Anthony-7

Lauren & Anthony-18

Lauren & Anthony-44

Lauren & Anthony-41

Lauren & Anthony-34

Lauren & Anthony-30

Lauren & Anthony-27

Lauren & Anthony-24


Lauren & Anthony-51

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Lauren & Anthony-60

Lauren & Anthony-59

Lauren & Anthony-57

Lauren & Anthony-54

Lauren & Anthony-66

Lauren & Anthony-82

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Lauren & Anthony-77

Lauren & Anthony-75

Lauren & Anthony-69

Lauren & Anthony-85

Lauren & Anthony-92

Lauren & Anthony-94

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