Lately I’ve been dreaming of this serene Kauai scene. It has been 54 and raining in Boston and the beaches are empty. Heck, I’m almost tempted to say the beaches have seen so much rain that all the sand has washed away!

This photo was taken on a hike along the Na Pali Coast which stretches 15 miles along the northwest shore of Kauai. The entire coast is inaccessible to cars so nature is untouched and there are plenty of guava trees you can shake to snag a snack for the trek. As you can see the water is a spectrum of blue hues, ranging from turquoise to dark blue. One of the best picnic lunches I’ve ever had is sitting in that alcove tucked at the base of in that mountain and watching the waves crash. It was quite therapeutic.

It will probably be a while until I’m back on that majestic island, but until then at least I can pull glimpses of that vacation from this turquoise and blue H&M bikini set. (At ten bucks for the whole suit, you can’t go wrong!)

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