Kelly & Nestor :: A Boulder Engagement Shoot

March 22, 2012

Remember that game M.A.S.H. (Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House) you used to play in middle school and high school? You know, the one that predicted what your life would be like when you grew up and who you would marry? I used to play that game with Kelly, my best friend from high school, and thankfully all the M.A.S.H. predictions were far off, because now she is happily engaged to a wonderful Venezuelan man. I went out to visit her in Boulder a few weeks back to do her engagement shoot, and it was absolutely frigid out. I think 15 degrees with the windchill. Despite the conditions, we were able to snag a lot of great shots.


These shots were from a park near the Flatirons and I think they really represent this couple – both snowboarding, winter-loving, of-the-mountain types.


Kelly’s shirt was from Lucy & Louise Atelier, a small boutique in Colorado Springs, and I was absolutely in love with it. A great color choice for a mountain-themed shoot.

This was the final shot of the day and I’m sure Kelly and Nestor were thankful to be wearing their winter jackets and hats once again.

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