Meet Sarah

Before I moved to Boston and fell in love with a local guitar-playing, bearded hunk, I enjoyed most of my life out west, moving around with my Marine father and family. I was born and spent my carefree childhood days on an avocado grove in sunny Southern California. Most memories of my youth involve running around with my brothers, climbing on trees, and slinging avocados at each other. Ya know, doing what normal kids would do. My early years taught me that life is way too short to sit inside. Life is about exploration and what you find when you step out of your comfort zone. This inherent desire to see new places, meet new people and discover life outside of what I knew lead me to pursue a career in photography, and frequently chase new travel adventures. I made my way to Arizona for college, where I studied photojournalism and print journalism. I also spent a magical semester studying and photographing in Florence, Italy. I eventually parted ways with Arizona, and made my way to the Northeast. In a few short months of living here,  I discovered that while I might be a west coast girl, I have a New England spirit.

Today, I live in North Reading with my love, Eric, (aka that bearded hunk), our one-year-old babe, Luke, and nutty pup, Copper. It’s here where Eric does most of the cooking, and avocados are always on tap. 

Fun Facts:

  • I fell in love with my husband on a big blue tugboat docked in the Boston Harbor on the Fourth of July. Yes, there were fireworks.
  • We have a rescue pup named Copper. He loves to have his picture taken. Or maybe I love to take his picture. Either way, he is the best thing.
  • I once held a certification as a landscape irrigation auditor. That is a real job. And I was darn good at it.
  • I’m a wanna-be foodie. I love bread, cheese and wine. I guess Italy rubbed off on me.
  • My favorite season is the season that’s next. I look forward, and I love the anticipation of what’s to come.
  • I have an absurd fascination with citrus, especially kumquats. They’re bright and happy. I suppose they are my spirit fruit.
  • I’m a goofball, and have a dry, cheesy sense of humor. This comes out during portrait sessions, so get ready.
  • Mornings are my favorite. And so is coffee. But I can’t have one without the other.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, I love what I do because it gives me the freedom to create, and the opportunity to curate a whole, balanced life.