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I’m Here for The Dreamers

March 27, 2019

To say the start to this year was…unexpected…is definitely an understatement! I found myself with a torn ACL in the emergency room on New Year’s Eve after a fall on the ski slopes. As someone who is GO GO GO and on her feet ALL THE TIME, especially during wedding season, this big tumble gave me the gift of slowing down and reflecting on the last 8 years of business…and it gave me the head space to bring my new website and vibe to life!

As I sit here, two-weeks post ACL reconstruction surgery, I just pressed launch on my new website…and it feels SO GOOD. Can I be honest with you? It has taken 8 years to really encapsulate on a website who I am as a photographer. The nearly 150 weddings I have documented have taught me who I am as a wedding photographer and the clients I want to attract.

I’M HERE FOR THE DREAMERS. The ones who roam free. The happy souls who believe there is no true road map to life. The love birds who believe the best part of a wedding is the next day. That is when the adventure truly begins.

I believe your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It will be a heartfelt celebration. It will be f*cking fun. I will capture those epic moments for you. But you know what? The best day of your life will always be the next day because you are growing more entangled and in love. I’m no marriage expert, but the love I share with my husband is far deeper now than it was on our wedding day. Sure, life will throw you some solid gold sh*t sometimes, and it will get hard, and you will argue and maybe drive away in car for five minutes to get some fresh air (!!), but it gets so much sweeter…and messy…and beautiful. The best thing in the world is when I see my clients in the wild years after their wedding day – with a new babe or fur child – and they are living in their love. This is what drives me. This is what I love.

My wedding season starts in less than two weeks. I know it’s going to be the best one yet.




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