North Shore MA Wedding – Minori and Paul

These two adventurers traveled the world before meeting, but sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you go back home. They grew up down the street from each other, but their social circles never crossed. Several years after high school they attended a former neighbor’s wedding. As the story goes, Paul saw Minori and didn’t leave her side most of the wedding. Friends suspected something was up, but Minori brushed it to the side. Weeks later they were a thing. And they started traveling the world together, which I suspect is a lot more fun than flying solo. Minori’s family is from Japan, so they planned a traditional Japanese wedding, as well as an American wedding. The blending of two cultures is a beautiful thing!

As I recall this intimate springtime wedding, there are a few things that stood out. The way Paul would light up when he saw Minori was just ridiculous. Biggest. Smile. Ever. He smiled with his whole face, and then her exchange back was equally radiant and beautiful. I couldn’t get enough of these two and their contagious affection for one another. The second thing was the love for their dog. The dog was an honorary member of the wedding party, and there for a big chunk of the day. If you have a fur baby, I suggest making them a part of your wedding and/or photos! It is so special when the fur-parents and pup unite on a wedding day, and I often tear up thinking about my crazy pup. (I’m a total dog person if you haven’t figured that out!). There were also so many personal touches. Minori had several close friends and family members help with details – from the cake to the florals to the invitations!

Venue: North Shore wedding at Andover Country Club
Dress: Essence of Australia
Invitations: Marie Otsuka
Florals: Minori’s mom, who is a florist!
Hair and Makeup: Avoutair (a family friend who has done her hair her entire life, who flew in from Japan)
Cake: A friend who is a pastry chef in Paris (Jordan Holmes)

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